Our Wheel of Fortune experience

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For some of you, you know my husband was on Wheel of Fortune. His show aired tonight, well everywhere but Chicago (Cubs game! In Chicago, it will air at 1:30 a.m.
I don’t get too personal on FB but I felt compelled to share this with everyone so here it goes….
I love Wheel of Fortune. I’d like to even think I’m great at it, at least at home from my couch. They came to Chicago last May. I was determined to try out even 8 months pregnant. Originally, I was going myself but my daughter’s tournament got rained out so Dan came with me. Drawing was totally random and Dan got picked. Of course, with my husband’s big personality, I thought he nailed it. 6 months later he was downtown doing a final audition and the week before Christmas, we found out he was going to be on the show! Now, I love my husband dearly however….I would say he was not so great at solving the puzzles (Love you babe 
https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f2/1/16/1f60d.png😍) We practiced a lot by watching the shows all the time. He definitely got a lot better those few months. We would even strategize on when to solved, what vowels to buy etc. March 23 he was on the show. Guess what, everything we practiced went right out the window. Now, here’s the reason for my long-winded post. Dan is the reason why I write this post. This man truly amazes me every day. When we found out he was going to be on the show, we were ecstatic! I mean, we had the opportunity to possibly win some money. Heck, it will be the closest that we will ever come to even possibly having a chance at a million dollars (yes we are fully aware the odds were slim) but it was great to even have it be there. Dan said that he was going to be on the show to try to give us the dream of paying off our house and I could do what I’ve been wanting to, stay at home with our 5 kids. Again, far-fetched but you never know. One could dream!
The show taped and things definitely did not go as planned. He came off the stage when everything finished, came right up to myself and two of our kids. The very first thing he said was not the he was embarrassed or he was angry but that he was sorry for letting us down. My heart broke! I thought long and hard about this message ( 2 months exactly) that I’m writing.

To my amazing husband, you did not let us down. From the moment I met you, I knew you were a wonderful person. I can’t even put into words how amazing you are as a father. The countless times you have painted finger and toe nails, using the hair dryer to make sure they are dry. Trying to do pony tales on the girls, daddy daughter dances. I could go on and on. My girls will know how they should be treated and our son will know how to treat a woman. And of course, not only the father of my children but my husband, my one true love. The days you get up earlier than me and bring me a cup of coffee. Or the days that you drive back and forth from Wisconsin on the same day just to help me out the next morning for a couple of hours. Taking Sable to the vet when we had to put her down and being in the room with her because I asked you to. I knew I couldn’t do it. And I know it was just equally hard on you. And honestly, I don’t think a day goes by that you don’t tell me how beautiful I am. The words that I’m writing right now can’t even describe the person you are as a husband and a father.
You have made the last 11 years truly wonderful. If your one flaw is that you might not be the greatest puzzle solver, I’ll take it. I hope you know every day what you mean to me. I love you!

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