The reason for my blog

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I should have posted this one first but I was just too excited to get something  I wrote out, I got ahead of myself!

The reason why I started this blog. It took me awhile to get here. I’m a very private person. On the same token, I love to write (when I have time of course). By no means do I have answers to everything or think I even know what I’m doing on most days raising my children. But I feel that through my experiences, if I can help one mom out there feel that she’s not alone or feel that she’s doing something right this makes it all worth it.

Raising 5 kids, my husband and I both work full-time jobs. God bless my mom for watching my kids during the day. My oldest, 14,  is involved with a bunch of sports including travel softball , she loves to sing and plays the ukulele. My 8-year-old just started playing softball. My 5-year-old wants to start dance or gymnastics. And then we have the two little ones. Adelynn who’s 2, we are still working on potty training and Danny 1 (actually 13 months) and seems to have little interest in walking.

There’s days I don’t know who’s coming or going. But I would not have it any other way. This is normal to us.

I’ll start to share my experiences through this blog of raising my kids, the stories and experiences we’ve had. I hope that someone at some point can relate and not feel alone.



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