Getting fit

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Getting Fit

I think this will be one of my harder posts. Posting about postpartum was definitely hard, don’t get me wrong. But this one is more personal. This one has effected me over many years and I think it’s something that many can relate to. Especially as we get older, our bodies change regardless if you’ve had kids or not. WEIGHT.

Growing up, I was always on the heavier side. I remember changing in gym and hating having to do it. My body never looked like any of the other girls in school. I remember playing volleyball in junior high and every time I jumped, some boys would make a noise that was replicating an earthquake. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I was by no means obese but I wasn’t skinny either. I think I wore a size 10…maybe a 12 in 7th grade. It’s funny because my sister was always super skinny. She didn’t really play sports. I was super active as a kid, I played volleyball, basketball and softball. My mom was great, she was always motivating. Though, as I look back, I don’t think she even really knew how much it bothered me.

After high school, I committed myself to being healthier, I worked out. Lost weight. I remember feeling pretty for the first time in probably forever. It’s amazing what a scale number can do to one’s confidence. Especially at that age. And then…I got pregnant. I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant. 21 when I had my beautiful daughter. That’s another blog I’ll leave for another time. I gained 70 lbs with her. It wasn’t easy but I lost the weight. Granted, I was much younger at the time.

Flash forward, 12 years later. I’ve always struggled with my weight. It would fluctuate back and forth between 4 pregnancies and raising kids. I think during my postpartum issues I was at my lowest weight in years between depression and the anxiety but my no means was I healthy. I was just too tired to eat and take care of myself. After I had my fourth daughter I vowed to get my body back. It was perfect timing. There was a mom that my daughter played softball with. Her name is Nikki. I remember meeting her and thinking wow, she is super fit and beautiful. Her personality lit up the room. Turned out she was a beach body coach. At the time, I had no idea what it was but thought that it was just another crazy fad program that would take your money. Little did I know that it would change my life.

Since our daughters played travel softball together, we saw each other all the time. Prior to having my fourth daughter, I was already planning what I was going to do. I ordered the shakes that beach body offered, Nikki already recommended T25 program. As soon as that baby came out, I was ready to go. My husband was super supportive through out all of this. The work out was 25 minutes long. I started cooking healthier. I lost the baby weight rather quickly. I remember Nikki started a group on Facebook, if was more for accountability. She was a great motivator. She talked about doing the work outs and eating healthy. It was a great support group. In 6 months after having my daughter, I was in the best shape of my life. And then BAM….I got pregnant again. I promised myself that I was going to continue to work out and be healthy. That lasted all of 6 weeks. I was exhausted raising 4 kids and was pregnant. I think I gained close to 50 lbs my last pregnancy.

As soon as my son was born, I got right back into it. I did T25 for about 3 months. It was crazy how fast my body responded to it. I wanted to continue doing the shakes but financially, it just was not feasible with 5 kids. To substitute that, I made sure that I ate a healthy breakfast. I found some great recipes on Pinterest. I also found that eating more often but smaller meals really did help. After T25, I wanted something more. I started Insanity. And let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. It was hard, it was excruciating some days. And again, my husband helped out and supported me by watching the kids as I endured my forty five minutes to an hour long work outs. He seriously was amazing and supportive. I finished the two month program. It was a huge accomplishment for me. I decided that I needed another work out as those were just too long and did not fit into my schedule. I found Insanity max. It was a 30 minute intense work out but it was perfect.

I texted Nikki at one point to thank her for everything. Turning me on to Shaun T (he created all of the work outs I was doing) motivating me and encouraging me. Her response to me was simple and eye opening.  “This is all YOU and your achievements”. She’s right. But I do want her to know from the bottom of my heart that she had some part of this and for that I’m ever grateful.

For anyone that is looking to get healthy and just feel better, I do recommend any of Shaun T’s programs. You can even check him out on facebook. He definitely motivates you. My husband and I do the on demand program that gives us access to all of the beach body work outs and it’s actually not the expensive. For moms out there that are super busy like me, 25 to 30 minute work outs are easy to fit into your schedule. You have nothing to lose.


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  1. Thank you so much for believing in me to help coach you! It was a privilege to have been part of your journey and witness your transformation. And I will say it again…’it was all YOU!!!

    Now you are the one inspiring people – myself included!!


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