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A couple of Saturday’s ago, I had to drop my eight year old off at a birthday part for a few hours. I decided last-minute that I was going to stop at a grocery store to grab a few things that I was going to make for dinner.  It was perfect timing as I could then go home, make lunch and then it would be nap time. I had my five-year old, two-year old and one year old with me as well. As I dropped Kennedy off, I realized that I did not bring the diaper bag with me. I had just originally planned to drop my daughter off and come back home. I remember thinking that my one year old had already pooped twice that morning and he should be fine for the 15 minutes it was going to take me to run in.

I got to the store, unbuckled my son and put him on my left hip. I then took my two-year old out, walked around the car and grabbed my five-year old. We walked in, I grabbed a cart and put my son in the cart. When I grabbed the buckle, I notice some brown stuff on his leg. It only took me a second to realize what it was. I then looked and it was all over my shirt and even on my purse since I carried my purse on my left shoulder. It was all over. I quickly picked him up, put him back on my hip and told the girls we needed to leave. I remember looking up and there was an older gentleman who was watching me and looked horrified. I briskly walked back to my car. Trying to put Danny back into the car seat without getting any more poop any where was a challenge. I frantically looked in my car in the slight chance that I had left some wipes in there but no luck. Once I got the girls in and buckled I asked my five year old to hold Danny’s hands so he wouldn’t get poop everywhere. I tried to hold my purse without it touching anything in the car and I had to fold up my shirt to make sure it didn’t touch my seat.

I called my husband to make sure he met me outside with a lot of wipes to help with the clean up. It went straight to voicemail. I think I called him 30 times…there was no way that it was dead. I finally got a hold of him 3 minutes before we got home. He must have had bad reception in the back yard. He met me outside and Danny went straight to the bath.


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