Enjoy the moments

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Here’s what I want to tell all parents that have young children. Enjoy all the moments because it goes by in the blink of an eye.

I was giving the two little girls a bath today and my 8-year-old asked if she could take a bath too instead of a shower so I happily agreed. Seeing her in that bathtub, barely fitting in it with her sisters. I remember when she was smaller and I used to take her out of the bath, wrap the towel around her and give her the biggest hug to warm her up even though she would get me wet. I still do that with her sisters. When my oldest was 2 and I was with her now step-dad, they used to play hide the hat. I remember the sound of her voice asking him where his hat was. I wish I had a video to hear that sound again. She used to love to cuddle in my bed. I ask her now to cuddle and she will do it every now and again but it’s not like it used to.  I listen to my now 2-year-old call me “Mom, Mom” I respond “What Adelynn?” ” Nothing mommy.”  Watching her run down the hallway, banging off every wall laughing while she does it.  Listening to those belly laughs from my son. It’s so contagious. The girls crack him up so easily. Every morning when the little ones get up we have our routine. Danny is usually the first one up. I’ll hear him through the monitor. I’ll go in the room and he’s so excited. I’ll grab his blanket, put it over my shoulder and pick him up. He’ll grab the blanket, put it to his face and bury it into my shoulder. Adelynn will wake up, always in a great mood, come out of the room, come straight into the bathroom and give me the biggest hug. I’ll ask how she slept and she’ll say good, go straight into the kitchen and ask for breakfast. My 5-year-old asks me to dance with her at random times. There are times I’m in the middle of something and tell her not now or later. And then I remember that soon she won’t ask anymore. So I’ll put a good song on my phone and we will dance. My husband has gotten this on video a time or too and I’m grateful.

These moments go by so fast. I know that there are days that you just want to rip your hair out, your stressed and frustrated. The kids might be fighting or not listening. But remember, they are only little for so long. What your every day routine now is will soon fade to a memory and you will wish one day to get that back. Please cherish these moments.


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  1. This post brought me to tears, as those moments have long since passed in our home because my one and only is 15 now and I can barely get him to spend time with me these days he’s so busy. I remember bath time every night, all the bubbles and the giggles, the writing on the wall, practicing our letters with some floating foam letters I had, the cuddling after I wrapped him in the towel, the hugs…God I miss those the most

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