Always on the go

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Friday night

I left work right at five, went straight home to let the dogs out while my husband was grabbing five kids from three different places. We had someone coming to inspect the roof at 6 and my one daughter had softball practice at the same time. When I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that the roof guy was already here (forty-five minutes early) so I texted my husband to tell him just to pick up the 4 kids, he can put them in my car and I’ll get my oldest from volleyball practice. I waited outside for him to get home, we swapped kids and off I went. The 5 minute ride to the high school was a long one with a screaming 1-year-old in the backseat. I texted my daughter when we got there to hurry up when she gets done (she loves to take her time) so we could get Kennedy to practice on time. Volleyball practice did not end on time and I had ten minutes to get back to the house and Kennedy back out the door for softball. Got back home, handed the baby over to my husband so he could eat. I did the usual, “who’s coming with mommy”  and waited for the “I am”.  Only one today. Kennedy jumped into the car, I buckled Adelynn in and off we went. We go there right on time.

Saturday morning

We were up at 6:30, which is actually somewhat sleeping in for us. We were heading to our neighbors charity event around 9:30 and then Kennedy had her first fall softball game at 11:30. Since Reagan had her volleyball practice from 8-10 she was going to walk to my mom’s and hang out there until we came to pick her up for Kennedy’s game. We got to the event and talked with our neighbor for a bit. My fitbit buzzed and I saw that Reagan was calling me. When I answered my phone, I was instantly confused as to why there was a guy on the other end. It was the athletic trainer from the high school. He said Reagan rolled her ankle. It was pretty swollen and she need to go to the hospital. Thankfully, my husband and I took separate cars so one of us could leave early to take Kennedy to her game for warm ups. I told my husband what was going on, ran to the car and went straight to the school. When I got there, they already had her on crutches and an air cast over her ankle. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. The athletic trainer thought she might have fractured it because of how quickly it swelled up. I carefully got her in the car, stopped at my moms to drop off Kennedy’s softball bag since I had forgotten to give it to my husband in my brief moment of panic. Off we went to the E.R. She was in pain the ride there but more worried about not being able to play volleyball or softball for a while. I told her that whatever it was, we would get through it.

Thankfully, the E.R. did not look too busy. After check in, they brought us back to a room and a nurse came in rather quickly. When he took her air cast off, I instantly thought it was fractured based off of how bad it swelled up. He gave us an ice pack and told us to sit tight, the Doctor would be in shortly. When the Dr. came, he examined the ankle and ordered the X-rays and some Motrin for her. Wasn’t long before two other people came to the room. They now bring the x-ray machine to you! I didn’t know portable ones existed. They were done within ten minutes and now we were just waiting for the results. My phone started ringing, it was my husband. Apparently, I had left Kennedy’s cleats in my car. Ugh. Nurse came into the room and told us that it was not fractured, woo hoo! Just needed to wait until the doctor came back. Reagan seemed relieved, as was I. Doctor told us to follow-up with her pediatrician on Wednesday. Until then, she needs to stay off of it.

Pulled the car up for her, took her to Steak-n-Shake at her request. Got home, grabbed a bunch of pillows to elevate her ankle and got her into bed. Went back out to go to Kennedy’s game. I at least got to see an inning. The kids are now napping and I should probably be cleaning but for right now, the silence is golden.


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