Potty Training

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We have successfully potty trained 3 kids. I’m working on my 4th and we have one more to go. My first two I have to say were by far the easiest. They were both completely potty trained by the age of two. My second even started using the potty at the age of 18 months. I remember thinking man, this is easy. We never had to bribe either one with toys or candy. It was seamless.

With my 3rd child, we did the exact same thing as we did with the other two. We worked on going on the potty, we picked out big girl underwear and we praised her anytime she went. In the beginning, it was great. That lasted about a week. Then, we would sit on the potty and nothing. Five minutes later, she would have an accident. There were more accidents than success stories. We tried reading stories on the potty. When that didn’t work, we tried rewarding her with candy. That worked here and there but nothing stuck. You name it, we tried it. I felt like a failure. What was I doing wrong that worked so right with the other ones. As a mom, I felt responsible. I remember thinking, maybe I wasn’t spending enough time with her. After all, I had two other kids. Ugh, the guilt we carry as parents.

The reality of it all? It wasn’t myself or my husband. It wasn’t lack of effort. She just wasn’t ready. She finally was fully potty trained 4 months shy of her third birthday. We are now working on our fourth child. She turned 2 in April. It’s hit or miss for potty training. I will say, it’s less stressful this time around. We work with her all the time, as does my mom during the day. But she will get there.

If you are working on potty training, hang in there. You might luck out and it will be easy. Or, it might take a while. Be consistent but have patience. They will do it, I promise. But when they are ready.



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