Dinner Time

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I have turned into someone I swore I never would. I am a mom who makes multiple dinners! Yes, it’s hard even typing the words. I think I have become soft after multiple kids. I always said when I had my first kid that whatever I make for dinner is what my kids are eating. Four kids later, I, at times make two different things for dinner.  Is it every night? No. But it’s at least twice a week. I tried the tough love thing one time and said that my daughter was not leaving the table until she ate her dinner. She puked. Shortly there after, I started making different things. There’s always one thing that one kid will not eat. Most of the girls will eat fish, one will not. I have one who will not eat grilled cheese. I even have one that does not like pizza (I know, crazy!).

The one thing I will say that I always do with my kids, I always encourage them to try new things. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to eat it.  Trying to get 5 kids to eat one meal is a difficult task. I always try and pick my battles….this one, I won’t win. 




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