Bath Time

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I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this but my kids have a love hate relationship with bath time. My kids know it’s coming. It’s every other day.  It’s the same routine, nothing changes. Me, “Alright girls, time for bath”. Girls, “No mommy, we are playing.” Or “No mommy, I’m still eating.” As they pick at their food that they haven’t taken a bite of for over 10 minutes. Me, “Nope. Sorry, time for bath.” The girls walk down the hallway, shoulders drooped, arms down by their side like I’m the worst mommy in the world. They get in the bathtub and I dump the toys out. I get their hair and body washed and they get to play for a little bit. Me, “Who’s coming out first tonight?” My five-year old says “Not me and looks at the two-year old.” The two year old says “Not me.” Girls, “Can’t we play for a little bit longer?” Me, “Sorry girls, time to get out.” I get the pouty face. Me, “Okay, who came out first last time?” They each say each other. Then my five year old gives in typically. “Fine, I’ll get out first.” Hallelujah! And then we will repeat this in two days.


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