10 things to do to continue to have a successful marriage while raising kids

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  1. Go out once a month. Whether it’s dinner or a movie. It’s important to have one on one time. Remember, you fell in love for a reason. Men, open the car door for her or pull out her chair. Woman, tell him he looks handsome. Pretend it’s like your first date.
  2. Make it a point to say I love you every day. Those 3 simple words can change your day.
  3. Compromise. Remember, you will not always see eye to eye when it comes to raising children. You both were raised differently and probably have different views. But you have to meet in the middle.
  4. Compliment one another This one, I’m dead serious on. Every day, give each other a compliment. Men, tell her how beautiful she is or how great of a mother she is. Women, let him know he looks great or that he’s a great role model to your children.
  5. Hold hands. When you go for a walk or go to the mall, make it a point to hold hands.

10 Things

6. Take turns making dinner, even if it’s once in awhile. I get it, there are times      when there is one person that might solely be responsible for making dinner.  There is  nothing more pleasing then coming home and having someone else cook dinner.

7. Notice them. If he comes home with a new haircut, tell him how great it looks. If she   buys something new, tell her how amazing it looks on her.

8. Go to bed a little early and just talk.  It’s so crazy sometimes even trying to have a   normal conversation with kids. Plan to go to bed 30 minutes early. Talk about your day. Be interested.

9. Wake up with a kiss and go to bed with a kiss. It sounds crazy, but trust me, it works.

10. Go to bed angry sometimes (it’s okay). Sometimes, going to bed angry is fine. It    gives us time to think and process. But make sure that what ever you were angry about  is worked out the next morning. Being angry takes more energy than being happy.


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