The terrible two’s !

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We have another milestone to talk about in this house! Yup, my 2-year-old has reached her terrible two’s. She went from this wonderful sweet child who would clean up her toys and be kind to her siblings to pushing the limits and calling her sisters “poopy head” and it seemed like it happened overnight. The great thing about this? We are having a heat wave right now so we have the air on and the windows are closed. Other wise, my neighbors might be listening to her screaming bloody murder because she heard a two letter word called NO.

terrible 2's

This is my fourth time going through this and it doesn’t get any easier. The other day, it was time to clean before everyone could go out and play. Adelynn refused to clean up her toys. After several minutes of me telling her that she needs to clean up, the water works started. Then the high pitch screaming. Finally, in desperation, I used a good mommy trick that has ALWAYS worked. I told her that if she does not clean up her toys, I was going to throw them out. Simple as that. Guess what? She looked me right in the eye, picked up her favorite Peppa Pig toy  and then walked right passed me and straight to the garbage. “Um Adelynn, what are you doing”? I asked right away. Adelynn as a matter of fact says to me “I don’t want to clean, garbage”. “Wait, Adelynn, that’s your favorite toy. You can’t get it back if you throw it out” I said. She shrugs and puts it into the garbage! Well-played child, well-played. I watched her walk out of the room and walk down the hall way.  I wait until she’s out of sight and go and grab her Peppa out of the garbage can.  I have now broken my number one rule. Do not make threats that you can’t follow through with.

I keep reminding myself , this too shall pass. Until then, we will refrain from public appearances.

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