Back to school germs

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It never fails. Sometime shortly after the kids go back to school, we get sick. Just like clockwork. My two oldest seem to be immune now. I consider them the host. One of them will come home with the sniffles or a minor cough and then poof, its gone the next day. Then they feel the need to just pass it around like it’s a wonderful gift. It’s seriously amazing though how it works. My 5-year old will always get it first. She will wake up in the morning sounding like a seal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought her to the pediatrician knowing it’s croup. They examine her and they say it’s viral and it will work it’s course. I know by now. She’ll be laid out for the day coughing, sneezing and just looking miserable. The next day, the seal sounding cough disappears but she still has a lingering cough and all of the other wonderful symptoms of a cold. Then, my two-year old will get it and then the baby.

Sleepless nights ensue.  Everything makes them cry because they don’t feel good. It’s tough as a parent. I would be lying if I said my patience weren’t warring thin due to lack of sleep. However, my heart breaks watching them be miserable and there is nothing I can do.

Just as everyone is getting better, I get sick. Not only am I on lack of sleep from the little ones but now I can’t sleep because my throat hurts and I can’t breathe out of my nose. 8:30 rolls around and I tell my husband I’m going to bed. Sleep is great for a cold. If only I listened to myself. I can’t fall asleep so I decide to read my book. Next thing I know, it’s 10:30. I will read myself to sleep at this point. Only to toss and turn most of the night because I can’t breathe. I go to the work the next morning looking like death.  After I finish up my meetings I contemplate going home but then reality hits. I won’t go home and rest or take a nap. That would be ideal but I’ll get home seeing the house a wreck from the last two days when we were taking care of the sick little ones and feel the need to clean. The thought just exhausts me so I decide to finish up the day and deal with that later. Thank goodness this only happens a couple of times a year.

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