Taking your life back

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Once a week I’m going to post about my journey of staying fit.  I think it’s so important for moms to be able to take there lives back. I have had 5 kids. Each pregnancy, I probably gained 50 to 60 lbs. The more kids I had, taking care of myself fell lower on my priority list. It wasn’t until I experienced the postpartum did I realize how important it is to take care of YOU.  Exercise for me helped with my anxiety and panic attacks (see my post about post postpartum). After I had my fourth child, I told myself that I was done being overweight and feeling hopeless. I also wanted to set a good example for my children as well. I believe that was when a wonderful friend of mine happened to be there for me at the right time and the right place (see my other blog about getting fit). It’s been 14 months since my son was born and here has been my journey on getting my body back.

I started T25 which I recommend for other moms. Simply because it’s 25 minutes! Previous attempts to lose weight, I would skip meals. I figured the less calories the better. I have learned that is far from the truth. I actually eat all the time now. I’ll eat breakfast and usually about two hours later I eat a healthy snack. I ‘ll have lunch and typically eat another snack about two hours later and then dinner. During the week, I try to eat a lot of salads for lunch and for dinner we will have fish or some type of white meat. Things that I have cut out of my diet are any type of soda (it’s been 2 1/2 years since I’ve had any) and fast food. I used to eat fast food a lot. It was easy when I was on the go or when I was too lazy to make my lunch. I honestly believe that those two things have helped me keep the weight off. The other thing that has helped is my fitbit. When I first got it, I struggled to get 8000 steps a day. For my job, I am literally in my office a good majority of the day either on conference calls or in some sort of meeting which means I’m sitting all day long. I now make sure I get up from time to time and walk around when I can. I also no longer take the elevator and only take the stairs. My office is on the 5th floor so it’s a lot of steps I’m able to get in. When I get home I always take my puppy for a walk. It’s nice because not only am I getting my steps in but it also gives me time to have some one on one with the girls depending on who wants to come with me that night. I usually average now between 11000 and 13000 steps.

All of the above sounds great right? Here’s the flip side. I have days that I don’t eat so good or I don’t get as many steps. But I don’t just throw in the towel and give up. I just move on. I also don’t sit there and count calories. Every Friday we have pizza and I still eat my ice cream on occasion.

Now here’s the reality and why I wanted to start this post once a week. It has been about 3 months since I’ve worked out. The summer is super difficult with 2 girls in sports. One doing travel and it takes up a lot of time. I was getting up at 5 every morning to do my workouts early on in the summer but with having longer days, I was staying up later and just got exhausted. So I took a break.

On Monday, I will start my journey again. After I get rid of this cold. I will squeeze that 25 minutes into my day somehow someway. Feel free to follow me on this journey.

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