Today is the day

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It has been about 3 months since my last workout. Today is the day I get off of my lazy butt and suck up those 25 minutes and I did. I spent the drive home from work going through my routine in my head of picking out clothes, doing dinner, homework, and at some point trying to finish up my DIY Halloween decoration. Dreading trying to squeeze in that other 25 minutes into my hectic schedule. But I remembered how great it felt to work out and I reminded myself that it’s only 25 minutes. 

So right when I got home, I changed my clothes and got to. I only had to stop twice during the work out. Once to find the baby some toys and the other to help find the never-ending lost binky. I considered that a success! I started out with T25 Alpha today. A work out just a few months ago was so easy to achieve. I’m glad I started with Alpha because it’s amazing what happens to your body when you stop for 3 months. I think it takes so long to get into shape and so quick to get out of shape. But at the end of those 25 minutes, I remembered why I started doing this to begin with. Is it hard, absolutely! But so rewarding at the very same time. I’m happy I tuned out the “mom” in me tonight and got it done. I also still managed to finish up my DIY decoration and even squeeze in some baking with the last of the apples from apple picking.

To anyone looking to start working out or getting healthy, you can do it! It’s so easy for us moms to put our selves last with the laundry list of things that we need to accomplish. Take those 25 minutes or 45 minutes and take care of yourself. It’s worth it.



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