What I pretend to hear vs. my reality

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“Girls, time to clean your room”

What I pretend to hear: “Sure mom, no problem. Actually, we already started cleaning. We are almost done.”

Reality: Kennedy “Why do I have to clean, I didn’t make the mess! Makinley did it. Ugh, I always have to clean” Me “Makinley, go clean up the room. Now.” Makinley gets off the bench, falls down, start’s crying. “I hurt my foot, I can’t clean.” In between sobs.

“Adelynn, time for bed”

What I pretend to hear: “Okay mommy, I’m tired.” She gives me a big hug and kiss. I lay her down in her crib and not a peep.

Reality: “Noooooo. I’m not ready for bed. I’M NOT TIRED.” Me “It’s late baby, you have to go to bed.” “Noooo. I’m not tired!” Adelynn proceeds to cry. I walk out of the room to go bring laundry up. I’m gone 5 minutes tops. I come up the stairs, turn the corner. She’s passed out on the floor in the hallway.


“Girls, time to go brush your teeth” 

What I pretend to hear: ” Yes, mommy. No problem. We will go brush our teeth.”

Reality: Makinley says “Can’t I brush them in the morning, I’m tired.” “No baby, go brush them now.” I always say. Kennedy ” I already brushed them.” “Really Kennedy, are you sure?” I ask. “Yup” she says confidently. I go feel her tooth-brush. It’s dry. I give that look. “Nice try Kennedy, go in there and brush your teeth.” Kennedy ” Ah, I was just kidding mom!”

“Girls, time for dinner”

What I pretend to hear: ” Yay, dinner time. Oh, meatloaf, my favorite.” “Mommy, can I have more green beans, I love them so much! Let me help you set the table. Anyone need anything?”

Reality: Makinley “Yuck, I hate meatloaf. Why do I have to eat this?” “Really? You liked it the last time I cooked it.” I say. Makinley looks at me like I’m crazy. “No mommy, I never liked this.” Sorry kid, it’s what’s dinner.” As I look at my husband and shake my head. Adelynn “I want chocolate milk” Makinley, “I want orange juice.” Daddy, “Water for everyone!”



4 thoughts on “What I pretend to hear vs. my reality

  1. i guess this is the reality with the little ones, huh. i remember doing the same thing when i was a kid… i could never understand why my parents wanted me to go to bed when i was wide awake, and get up in the morning when i was tired. haha

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