Getting back into it. Week 1

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Oh, have I missed my work outs! Week 1 was a success. The aches and pains of week 1 is the hardest. Bending down and quickly being reminded of how sore my quads are or even just walking and feeling the pain in my calves. But honestly, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is so incredibly worth it. 

Tuesday was my roughest day. My husband had to work late. I literally rushed home with no time to spare. I got my work out in, ran to my moms to get the kids, came home, packed up the diaper back, got Kennedy’s water bottle and snacks for the kids while she got dressed for practice. We ran back out the door to make her practice just in time. Right after practice we rushed back home. My husband had dinner waiting. After dinner, I gave all the kids baths while my husband picked up my oldest from volleyball. As soon as he walked in, I walked out to go play softball.  Got home almost close to 10.

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I also did not get my work out in on Friday. I had to work late and the cubs played at 6:30. It just was not feasible. But I made sure I got extra steps in on Saturday and Sunday. I won’t fuss over missing a day. I’ll just strive to do better next week.

And here we are again, it’s Monday! The kids were off today and I definitely got a lot done around the house. But I also got my work out in.

For the moms out there looking to start getting fit….you got this. It’s so hard to find the time, I get that. And there are so many more things that you could very well be doing. But find time for yourself. I promise you, those minutes that you are working out is all you and you will feel great. Also, no one is perfect. You will have your days, trust me. But tomorrow is a new day. Pick yourself back up and don’t look back.

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