Moments like this

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My two oldest are 14 and 8. They have a love hate relationship. There are days they get a long and it’s so precious to watch. They sing together while my oldest plays the ukulele.  They get goofy and they can’t stop laughing. I love watching those two when they get like that. But most days, they are at each others throats. It’s the age gap.

Moments like this

This week though, we all had a pivotal moment that I will never forget.  My husband had late meetings all this week so it was just the 6 of us. I picked up the 4 kids.  Apparently, my 8-year-old at some point during the day ripped a big ol hole in her pants. She had no idea when it happened. As long as she didn’t bend over, you couldn’t see it so hopefully no harm done. After picking up the 4, I then went straight to the high school to get my oldest from volleyball practice. She got in the car and I could tell she was having a rough day. We talked through what was going on. My 8-year-old was in the back seat listening. Normally, she would say things to try to be funny and it would annoy my oldest. Not today. Today, she was saying to her sister that she is the prettiest girl she knew and one of the coolest. I was so impressed. My oldest actually said thank you to her sister (WHAT??). When we pulled in to the driveway, my oldest was still not feeling all that great and I think her sister could tell. I put the car in park and my 8-year-old unbuckled and jumped out of her seat. She looked at her sister and said “Well, at least you didn’t have a day like this” and she bent over and you could see the largest hole in her pants. We all busted out laughing! Tears and everything.

Not only am I impressed with my 8-year-old working so hard to make her older sister feel better but the empathy she has amazes me. I think that day, it created a stronger bond between the two of them.


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