Making New Traditions

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Every year, we normally do an adults only Halloween party. We ended up not doing one this year so I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween fun activity night with the kids. We have two great neighbors that both have kids that are around our kids age and they play all the time together so we invited them over as well. I found some (what looked to be easy) Halloween candy/dessert’s to make. I love to cook but I’m not very good when it comes to baking.¬†They looked so easy and simple, the kids would be able to help. It would be fun. One was a chocolate bowl that looked like a pumpkin and the other were these cute little Frankenstein pretzel chocolates.

I started the chocolate bowls before the neighbors arrived. Since they needed an hour to chill, I figured I would get a jump on it. Melting the chocolate and adding the food coloring. Couldn’t be too hard…right? So I thought. When the neighbors came over, I had already managed to screw up melting the chocolate. It was not as smooth as shown, it was hard and thick. I tried adding oil which I managed to splash on my shirt. I tried adding it to a pot to see if it would get soft which didn’t work. I then added water which seemed to work.¬† I then got the balloon that was supposed to just stick to the chocolate to cool later. Yeah, not so much. I had three balloons pop right away which was a great laugh for all. My neighbor even tried taking a knife and spreading it. We gave up and tried just adding the chocolate to muffin tins with shot glasses in the middle to create the bowl shape. Needless to say, the kids were not able to help on this one.

Halloween candy

I decided that our next project, I would not be in charge of the chocolate. This one was definitely more kid friendly and all of the kids were able to help out which was fun. Our little Frankenstein candies did not look anything like the pictures but they did turn out cute and I think it was fun for the kids.

Although things did not go as well as planned, the kids and adults had fun. Being able to spend quality time with the kiddos and hopefully making memories as well. I think we might have found a new yearly tradition?


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