To the exhausted mom

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My pictures on Facebook of my kids trick or treating were precious. . Looking at them in their adorable costumes melts my heart. It’s amazing though. You wouldn’t know by my posts that the mommy taking the pictures is exhausted. I took the day off of work yesterday to be a “mom helper” at my kindergartner’s school. I got to pop in at my 3rd graders party as well. I enjoyed every moment. I rushed home after the party to straighten up the house as my daughter was having some friends over and my 8 year-old was having a friend and her parent come with us trick or treating. My mom came over at 4:30 to help with costumes since my husband was working until 5.

exhausted mommy My 8 year-old’s dad and friend came over at 4:45 as I’m still chasing down the two little one’s to get their costumes on. Dogs barking, trick or treaters coming to the door for candy. My husband gets home, I pack a diaper back up, bundle up the kids and out the door we go. We stay out for about an hour and half. We go home, take off costumes, pop in 4 frozen pizza’s (I have 4 teenagers at my house as well), my husband makes hot chocolate for all of the kids, a Halloween tradition we’ve had for years. The teenagers are down stairs watching scream, the baby is sleeping and the rest of us settle down on the couch to watch Hocus Pocus. About an hour in, I take two sleeping children to their bed. The teenagers get picked up shortly there after, we straightened up a little bit and head off to bed.

I get home today after a long day at work full of deadlines, meetings and a follow-up doctor appointment. I throw dinner in the oven, get the kids baths done while my husband starts to disassemble my 2 year-old’s crib and  bring down her “big girl” bed  from the attic. I brush a lot of hair, get pj’s on and we eat dinner. The kids play, we put dinner away, teeth get brushed, I pick out clothes for tomorrow and the kids get ready for bed. I now have a little bit of time for myself and I AM EXHAUSTED. My kitchen is once again a mess, I really should do the dishes and I have clothes that need folding in the dryer. After the last 36 hours, why do I feel guilty not wanting to do any of those? I shouldn’t and I know I shouldn’t. But I do.

There are days that I feel like super woman. I can clean the house, top to bottom, take multiple kids to multiple sporting events and cook an amazing dinner (on the weekends of course). And there are days like today where I feel like there is just not enough time in the day.  I constantly have to remind myself that I’m human. I too get exhausted and I too need a break. I should not feel ashamed for needing that break and you should not either. Take that day that you need for yourself. Everything can wait. Give yourself credit for what you do on a daily basis. So for tonight, my dishes and laundry will wait until tomorrow and I will not stress about it.

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