Organizing the kids art

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My 3rd grader and kindergartner bring home mounds of paper through out the school year. Lots of graded homework and beautiful artwork. None of my kids have been particularly good with parting ways with their papers. The really cute ones, we put them in their individual filing cabinets for when they get older. We hang some on the fridge but most of them pile up on their desks or bins until we throw them out.  

My husband was at Home Depot one day and came up with this awesome idea. He bought thin wire, two screw hooks and some spring clips. He hung it up in the girls room and they are allowed to hang up as many pictures as there are clips. When they want to hang up new artwork, they have to decide what they want to take down and they throw it out. This has made our lives simpler as we no longer have a fight every time we are going through the papers because they want to keep everything.


More helpful things to come!

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