9 Minutes in

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My husband and I have a few shows that we regularly watch together. Twice a week, we try to sit down to watch our shows. Let me emphasize try. It never fails, we get literally 9 minutes in (and sometimes we are lucky if we get that far) and we have to pause it. “Mom, can you dry my hair?” “Babe, pause it please. I’ll be back in a few”.  I come walking back in the living room. I sit down and we start it again. 7 minutes later, “MOM….MOM…..MMMMMOOOOOMMMM!” We pause the TV again. “Yes Adelynn? Adelynn?” I start to get up. “Nothing mommy” Okay….I sit back down. “Mom….Mom” “Yes baby?” I hear tiny footsteps running through the hallway. “I want wa wa” Okay. “Babe, pause it.” Up I go. I grab a sippy cup, I give her some water and tuck her back into bed. Why is it that I could be doing dishes and no one wants to bother me. Dead silence. Laundry? No one bothers me when I’m doing laundry. But I go to watch TV and everyone needs something. Thank God for DVR….as I know type and wonder how my parents ever watched anything!

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