Taking responsibility for your actions

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Having kids range from the age of 1 to 14, it is so different in the “issues” that arise. Take my little ones for example, my days are spent telling them not to touch something or don’t hit your sister. Making sure they are sharing. Having them throw tantrums when they hear the word “No”….ugh….wait, that never goes away. Sorry to break it to you. The tantrums are no longer them throwing screaming fits. It might be the silent treatment the wonderful rolling of the eyes. Fun times ahead, let me tell you.

Here’s the one thing that in this house though that we work on constantly. Taking responsibility for your actions. Do not blame your sister because she was in the vicinity of where you were walking and you tripped and fell and hurt your knee (I’m not joking either, her sister just walked into the next room and I happened to see it). A glass of milk gets spilled at dinner. Guess what? It’s not my one child’s fault for literally bumping the cup over and spilling the milk. It’s my other child’s fault for having her plate too close to the cup. As they get older, it’s different things. I get home from work, I ask how everyone’s day was. One of my older children tell me they did not do so good on a test. My question of course is “how come?” The response was “My teacher did not explain it very well”. Hmmm…let me think about that one for a quick second. “Okay, so the teach did not explain it well. What did you do?” “What do you mean what did I do?” “I mean what did you do to tell the teacher that you did not understand what they were explaining?” “Well nothing.” “Okay, well that’s on you then”. And of course in mommy fashion I ask “Well what are you going to do differently next time?”

One thing that we talk about in this house is nobody will play the victim. Do not blame someone else for your mistakes. We all need to take full responsibility for our actions. When I’m talking with the older girls, I always use examples. “Do you think that I can show up late for a meeting at work at just tell my boss, sorry, I have 5 kids at home?” No. That won’t work.

Life can be crazy and complicated at times. I’m hoping that understanding this lesson can make is a little bit easier for them.


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