My 30’s are not the new 20’s!

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My husband and I finally had a “date night” about two months ago. It’s been a very long time since we have gone out other than our once a month bowling league without the kiddos. We made dinner reservations with 4 other friends of ours and then we were going to go check out a cover band. I thought about taking a nap that day knowing I would be up past my usual 10:00 bed time but the thought of me laying in bed knowing that I should be doing other things stressed me out and opted not to. Instead, I went to the mall to pick out a brand new outfit with all of the kids in tow. A night out means a night not wearing sweatpants. I wish I was kidding!

My oldest stayed at her dads, the two little ones went to my moms and the two older ones went to my mother-in-laws. The first drop off with the little ones went as smooth as could be. The next drop off was tough. As always, I felt guilty because there were many tears. You would think by now I should have this down but I don’t. I think it’s a sign we don’t get out much. We did our best at a drop and run and made it as quick as possible. To dinner we went.

My husband and I got to the restaurant. We were actually the first ones there. We are always late to everything. We sat at the bar and grabbed a drink.  Once everyone arrived, we sat down at our table and enjoyed a peaceful dinner. After dinner, the waiter asked if anyone wanted any dessert or coffee. There was some hesitation but after one person said yes to coffee, we were all in. Yup, if I was going to stay up past my bedtime, I was going to need something strong.

We got to the venue. Remember those days that it was a pain to get carded….yeah well if you are reading this and you still get carded…ENJOY IT!  There will be a day that you no longer get carded. And if you do, it’s probably because the person carding you can tell you are having a bad day.  Walking in, there were a lot of people from all different ages. I was able to see why my 14 year daughter insists that her clothes are cool. While there we all had a couple more drinks. I enjoyed the people watching but the band was just okay. After about two hours we decided to leave. One couple who just recently had a baby went home. The other couple (who happen to be our wonderful neighbors) and my husband and I decided to go to a bar on the way home that my husband and I use to hang out at pre kids. Total flash back. I ran into a couple of people who we haven’t seen in a while, chatted for a bit, it was nice. A little before midnight, I was ready to call it a night.  As we were waiting for the uber, my neighbor joked about going to this other bar. I laughed it off and told him to stop joking. Uber pulls up, we all hop in and start heading home, so I thought. We started heading onto another express way in the opposite direction. I was shaking my head. My husband was very lucky that night he didn’t orchestrate the plan.

Arriving at the next bar, I was exhausted and crabby. Walking into the bar, I noticed very quickly we were the oldest people in there (with the exception of a handful of other folks). My friend and I stood in the corner sipping our water (getting older and having 5 kids, water and I mix better) and just watched. Nothing has changed. The music that was playing was the same music that I was listening to when I was doing this scene. People dancing, grinding (if that’s still what it’s called) but having a good time none the less. But I had enough prancing through memory lane. Time to go. As we start leaving we see our neighbor at the front talking with the owner. Apparently he had lost his credit card and swears that the bartender never gave it back to him.  After a few minutes of conversation and having him triple check his pockets, his wife pulls it out of her pocket. OOPS!

The uber driver was kind enough to take us to Wendy’s right down the street. I was having so much fun re living my twenties, let’s just keep it going. Once we got home, I quickly changed into my sweatpants and ate my burger in my bed (don’t tell my kids).  I was hungry and tired so I figured I would scarf it down and then just pass out. Which is exactly what happened. It was 3:30 a.m. by the time I was done.  My husband and I woke up at 8:00 a.m. and I honestly can’t even remember the last time that has happened but it’s been years. It would have been great to brag about if I had gone to bed at my normal bed time.  The other thing I can tell you is that I can’t remember the last time I had 4 1/2 hours of sleep. Although we had fun with great people, I’m good for a while (probably forever). So for tonight, on the craziest party night of the year, I’ll be at home in sweatpants watching Wonder Woman.

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