Moments like this

My two oldest are 14 and 8. They have a love hate relationship. There are days they get a long and it’s so precious to watch. They sing together while my oldest plays the ukulele.  They get goofy and they can’t stop laughing. I love watching those two when they get like that. But most days, they are at each others throats. It’s the age gap.

Moments like this

This week though, we all had a pivotal moment that I will never forget.  My husband had late meetings all this week so it was just the 6 of us. I picked up the 4 kids.  Apparently, my 8-year-old at some point during the day ripped a big ol hole in her pants. She had no idea when it happened. As long as she didn’t bend over, you couldn’t see it so hopefully no harm done. After picking up the 4, I then went straight to the high school to get my oldest from volleyball practice. She got in the car and I could tell she was having a rough day. We talked through what was going on. My 8-year-old was in the back seat listening. Normally, she would say things to try to be funny and it would annoy my oldest. Not today. Today, she was saying to her sister that she is the prettiest girl she knew and one of the coolest. I was so impressed. My oldest actually said thank you to her sister (WHAT??). When we pulled in to the driveway, my oldest was still not feeling all that great and I think her sister could tell. I put the car in park and my 8-year-old unbuckled and jumped out of her seat. She looked at her sister and said “Well, at least you didn’t have a day like this” and she bent over and you could see the largest hole in her pants. We all busted out laughing! Tears and everything.

Not only am I impressed with my 8-year-old working so hard to make her older sister feel better but the empathy she has amazes me. I think that day, it created a stronger bond between the two of them.


What I pretend to hear vs. my reality

“Girls, time to clean your room”

What I pretend to hear: “Sure mom, no problem. Actually, we already started cleaning. We are almost done.”

Reality: Kennedy “Why do I have to clean, I didn’t make the mess! Makinley did it. Ugh, I always have to clean” Me “Makinley, go clean up the room. Now.” Makinley gets off the bench, falls down, start’s crying. “I hurt my foot, I can’t clean.” In between sobs.

“Adelynn, time for bed”

What I pretend to hear: “Okay mommy, I’m tired.” She gives me a big hug and kiss. I lay her down in her crib and not a peep. (more…)

Today is the day

It has been about 3 months since my last workout. Today is the day I get off of my lazy butt and suck up those 25 minutes and I did. I spent the drive home from work going through my routine in my head of picking out clothes, doing dinner, homework, and at some point trying to finish up my DIY Halloween decoration. Dreading trying to squeeze in that other 25 minutes into my hectic schedule. But I remembered how great it felt to work out and I reminded myself that it’s only 25 minutes.  (more…)

Taking your life back

Once a week I’m going to post about my journey of staying fit.  I think it’s so important for moms to be able to take there lives back. I have had 5 kids. Each pregnancy, I probably gained 50 to 60 lbs. The more kids I had, taking care of myself fell lower on my priority list. It wasn’t until I experienced the postpartum did I realize how important it is to take care of YOU.  Exercise for me helped with my anxiety and panic attacks (see my post about post postpartum). After I had my fourth child, I told myself that I was done being overweight and feeling hopeless. I also wanted to set a good example for my children as well. (more…)

Back to school germs

It never fails. Sometime shortly after the kids go back to school, we get sick. Just like clockwork. My two oldest seem to be immune now. I consider them the host. One of them will come home with the sniffles or a minor cough and then poof, its gone the next day. Then they feel the need to just pass it around like it’s a wonderful gift. It’s seriously amazing though how it works. My 5-year old will always get it first. She will wake up in the morning sounding like a seal. (more…)

The terrible two’s !

We have another milestone to talk about in this house! Yup, my 2-year-old has reached her terrible two’s. She went from this wonderful sweet child who would clean up her toys and be kind to her siblings to pushing the limits and calling her sisters “poopy head” and it seemed like it happened overnight. The great thing about this? We are having a heat wave right now so we have the air on and the windows are closed. Other wise, my neighbors might be listening to her screaming bloody murder because she heard a two letter word called NO.

terrible 2's (more…)

10 things to do to continue to have a successful marriage while raising kids

  1. Go out once a month. Whether it’s dinner or a movie. It’s important to have one on one time. Remember, you fell in love for a reason. Men, open the car door for her or pull out her chair. Woman, tell him he looks handsome. Pretend it’s like your first date.
  2. Make it a point to say I love you every day. Those 3 simple words can change your day.
  3. Compromise. Remember, you will not always see eye to eye when it comes to raising children. You both were raised differently and probably have different views. But you have to meet in the middle.
  4. Compliment one another This one, I’m dead serious on. Every day, give each other a compliment. Men, tell her how beautiful she is or how great of a mother she is. Women, let him know he looks great or that he’s a great role model to your children.
  5. Hold hands. When you go for a walk or go to the mall, make it a point to hold hands. (more…)

Bath Time

I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this but my kids have a love hate relationship with bath time. My kids know it’s coming. It’s every other day.  It’s the same routine, nothing changes. Me, “Alright girls, time for bath”. Girls, “No mommy, we are playing.” Or “No mommy, I’m still eating.” As they pick at their food that they haven’t taken a bite of for over 10 minutes. Me, “Nope. Sorry, time for bath.” The girls walk down the hallway, shoulders drooped, arms down by their side like I’m the worst mommy in the world. They get in the bathtub and I dump the toys out. I get their hair and body washed and they get to play for a little bit. Me, “Who’s coming out first tonight?” My five-year old says “Not me and looks at the two-year old.” The two year old says “Not me.” Girls, “Can’t we play for a little bit longer?” Me, “Sorry girls, time to get out.” I get the pouty face. Me, “Okay, who came out first last time?” They each say each other. Then my five year old gives in typically. “Fine, I’ll get out first.” Hallelujah! And then we will repeat this in two days.


Dinner Time

I have turned into someone I swore I never would. I am a mom who makes multiple dinners! Yes, it’s hard even typing the words. I think I have become soft after multiple kids. I always said when I had my first kid that whatever I make for dinner is what my kids are eating. Four kids later, I, at times make two different things for dinner.  Is it every night? No. (more…)